People & Culture

Why HR Advisor

Today businesses operate in a dynamic environment. Change is the only constant – and the HR function is no exception. On one hand, employees are getting increasingly sensitive and aware of their workplaces, there are several policies and practices which a company has to either comply with mandatorily or follow to keep pace with the industry and competition.

Gone are the days when policies on Whistle Blowing and Prevention of Sexual Harassment were more of good practices. Now they are mandatory. Similarly orgnizations, especially the services sector companies, which rely on their human capital to survive and thrive, are always looking out for ways to keep their workforce better engaged, trained, motivated and growth oriented.

In this scenario, having an HR Advisor becomes an advantage as it keeps you abreast of the latest developments in the space and provides you with an independent and multi-faceted expertise and experience which adds tremendous value to your in-house HR initiatives.

Why En Pointe Adwisers?

With an undeterred focus on helping clients navigate complexities, EPA is well-placed to assist you in realizing your ambitions of growth. Our strength lies in:

  • Catering to talented workforce in diversified industries
  • Reshaping HR policies and processes
  • Channelizing growth of our clients through intellectual development and human asset formation
  • Ability to handle all aspects of human resources and providing you with information contributing to business growth

Policies & procedures

  • HR policy review
  • Process design
  • Policy and Process formulation

Job description

  • Design job description
  • Review and draft job description
  • Prepare interview questionnaire

Career roadmap

  • Review and alter career streams/ levels/ job family/ roles
  • Design career roadmap and role trajectory

Talent management

  • Pre-onboarding, Orientation, Onboarding, Probation confirmation
  • Performance management
  • Quick bites – templates of forms, letters etc.
  • Talent & rewards

Employee connect

  • Employee engagement almanac
  • Design employee engagement activities and platforms
  • Design satisfaction survey
  • Health & Wellness
  • Recognition

Employee handbook development

  • Interviewers guide
  • Policy manual
  • Grooming etiquettes handbook
  • Induction manual
  • Handbook on prevention of sexual harassment
  • Standard Operating Procedures


  • Policy formation
  • Prevention of sexual harassment at workplace awareness training
  • Empanel external ICC member
  • Constituting ICC
  • Handout for ICC
  • Poster

Executive search

  • Leadership talent search
  • Strategic talent search
  • Special campus drives